OUR board

Leadership in Healthcare Excellence

The Center for Better Aging is governed by a Board of Directors that includes South Side leaders and health advocates from its partner organizations. The governing board sets goals and standards for the organization and monitors their impact. CBA relies on the active participation of volunteer board members to draft strategic plans, oversee financial and quality controls, and develop a culture of respect and trust.
Charles Holland
CBA Board President
Terrance Walless
Board Secretary
Dr. Joseph West
Finance Chair
Estrelitta Harmon
Nyla Diab
Jeremy Hughes

Community Advisory Council

Independent community members and leaders guide CBA leaders with feedback and recommendations. Its members engage with the community, anticipate community needs and advocate for underrepresented or marginalized groups. They review policies and programs to make them more accessible, inclusive and effective. The Community Advisory Council ensures effective CBA programs, services, and initiatives that respond to the needs of older adults on Chicago’s South Side.
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