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Health advice abounds on the internet, but the decisions around aging are complex and need thorough research. The Center for Better Aging has compiled a list of reliable sources on health issues faced by 50+ adults and the financial and social conditions that can stand in the way of wellness, from access to affordable insurance coverage to food and housing security. CBA advocates are always available to help people navigate the healthcare system and take steps to improve their well-being.
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Questions? Find out more in our FAQs
Who are the Center for Better Aging at St. Bernard Hospital practitioners? How are they qualified?

The Center for Better Aging at St. Bernard Hospital will be staffed with advanced practice nurses and primary care physicians who specialize in caring for older adults. Our primary care providers are dually credentialed through the University of Illinois Health System and St. Bernard Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center, in addition to required medical licenses.

I have a family doctor and a heart doctor. Can I keep seeing them?

Yes, you can see your family doctor and heart doctor while using CBA’s services.

I don’t have transportation. Are there other options? Do you make house calls?

CBA will offer other options for older adults to access medical services in and outside their home.

If I am not a St. Bernard patient, can I receive CBA services?

Yes, you can receive CBA services if you are not a St. Bernard patient.

If my primary care provider is not a St. Bernard provider, can I receive CBA services?

Yes, you can receive CBA services if your primary care provider is not a St. Bernard provider.

Can I be referred to CBA?

Yes, you can be referred to CBA.

How do I sign up for the Patient Portal?

Recipients of St. Bernard Hospital’s services will receive a login and password to mySBHealthRecord, the hospital’s patient portal.

Where is the Center for Better Aging located? Is there parking?

The Center for Better Aging is located 6307 S. Stewart Ave., Suite 309, Chicago, Illinois 60621. There is parking and a drop-off area.

Who do I call when I arrive for my appointment and need assistance to get to the Center for Better Aging suite?

Please call 773-420-1504 to reach the St. Bernard Ambulatory Care Center front desk.

Where can I get my prescriptions filled or refilled?

You can fill and refill your prescriptions with the pharmacy at St. Bernard Hospital or through a retail or mail-order pharmacy.

What if I have a question for my provider?

Please connect with your St. Bernard Hospital provider via the patient portal. There you can make appointments, view lab and X-ray results or get a current list of medications.

How do I change my Primary Care Provider (PCP) to the Center for Better Aging?

Please contact the Center for Better Aging at 773-962-6668 for assistance. You can also call the phone number on the back of your health insurance card. Illinois Medicaid representatives are available to assist as well at 800-843-6154 or log into and click “Manage My Case” to send a message.

I have not received my redetermination letter in the mail. Who do I call?

You can contact Illinois Medicaid at 800-843-6154. If you have Medicare insurance, please call 800-633-4227 for assistance.

Do you have staff that speak languages other than English?

Yes, CBA will have interpreter lines available to our members and providers.

What do I need to bring to my CBA appointment?

Please bring your identification card, insurance card, list of prescriptions, and list of concerns you want to address with your provider.

Where should I go if I have a complaint?

Please contact Tracy Thomas, CBA’s Director of Population Health & Care Innovation, at or call 773-828-6213.

Where should I go if I have a health concern?

For non-urgent concerns, please contact the Center for Better Aging at 773-828-6213. For emergencies, please contact 911.

Does CBA offer dental services?

No, CBA does not offer dental services, but you can access St. Bernard Hospital’s Dental Center at or call 773-962-3976 to learn more about its services.

What are the days of operations?

CBA is open on Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where can I get my questions about COVID-19 answered?

You can access COVID-19 information via the Resources list on this page.

What if I need to talk to a provider and the office is closed?

CBA will have an on-call physician available.

Why do we ask about race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation and gender identity?

CBA asks about race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, and gender identity to better understand your needs and provide culturally sensitive care. Learning about the identity and background of our members helps us better understand the people we serve and their needs.

Did we miss something? Please reach out if there’s anything more we can help you with.